accordions and toggles

accordion mode (1st one)
Toggle mode toggle with custom colours

Code lights

could use simple pop up modal (one that comes up on the codelights page first on loading)


use interactive text for front page intro

flip box
with link (title to gain interest, then flip with more info (both are a link to squeeze page)

use any, even solid colour one drops colour for viewing on mobile so all can be used

action boxes
first on grey with 2 cloured boxes (cerise and blue)
full width in grey with blue box is good aswell

pricing table
1st on with cerise mioddle $45per month

second one down with highlighted outer box (should be easier to read on mobile)

1st lot – primary colours
or last lot – unlimited sizes (left hand side only) “solid button”

logos show case
1st one grid – highlights the border on mouse hover, use for marketing strategies like SEO, Email marketing etc

google maps  – not working, needs help

could round any for how many businesses fail in 12 months, 3 years, 5 years etc

icon boxes
for best view and eye cue, 2 icon positions – (solid cerise colour circle with tick box icon) top icon postion
icon logo with circle
then title
then description

message box
may have use for left side message boxes _ (you can close them with the x)

responsive columns
(ideal for mobile traffic) but show side by side on full screen (coloured boxes x 2 blue and cream work good on mobile or pc as do the 1/4 colured boxes with green red, blue and yellow

social links
big ones first would be good for video channel link or add under blog post to share on face book (more colourful and esy to see )

on pc th 16:9 was good but on mobile the 1:1 ratio looked better

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