The power of video

Why did Google pay so much to buy the YouTube business? Do they know something we don’t? Well maybe but one thing is sure. Online video should be an integral part of your businesses online strategy. As internet speeds get faster and faster, the true power of the net becomes aware for all to see. It’s the greatest multimedia platform known to mankind and has revolutionised world business! A big statement but true!

So why is video on your website a really smart move, one of the best uses I have seen to show this powerful media was (used to be appliance online) they sell predominantly white goods like fridges, freezers etc. but are fast moving into other markets (ask yourself why?)

I was looking for a new fridge freezer, so I clicked on one and up popped a full 5 minute video review of the fridge freezer in all its glory. The video was done in a casual style but covered all the benefits of the product – I bought it right there and all because of video.   Applied in the right way, video can help you sell more, educate your customers more and help position you as the “go to person” in your sector – give it a try, it’s very cost effective, it’s relatively easy and it’s very effective.

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